2013-09-05 - WTMD First Thursday, Vernon Park, Baltimore

Taped, transferred and seeded by billfloyd

Setlist :

01 Saint of Impossible Causes
02 The Ballad of Boogie Christ
03 I Used To Know How to Walk on Water
04 Black Flowers
05 I Miss the Zoo
06 Mercedes
07 Temporary People
08 Travel As Equals
09 Cocaine Feet
10 Out On A Limb
11 Currency of Love
12 Can't Exist
13 Honey & the Moon
14 King of Cleveland

Running Time: 1:04:55

Joseph Arthur: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Russell Simins: drums, background vocals

Notes from the taper :
This show was the last of the WTMD radio's free WTMD First Thursday Concert
series for 2013. A great concept, by a great radio station. Three bands playing
in a park with food and vendor stands, and a beautiful backdrop of the downtown
monuments and churches. Great weather and great music too. Nicely done, WTMD.

This show pairs the incomparable Joseph Arthur with drummer Russell Simins (Jon
Spencer Blues Explosion), featuring songs from Joseph's new album The Ballad of
Boogie Christ. It's an excellent album.

Some pictures of this event here : http://www.stuartdahnephotography.com/The-Music-Never-Stops/09052013-WTMDs-1st-Thursday/i-rqcVz25

Flac files available on Dime.

2013-09-05 Baltimore mp3

1997-01-13 - Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal+, Paris

It was during this broadcast I discovered Joseph Arthur.
This live version of "Daddy's on Prozac" is beautiful.


2000-06-12 - Craig Kilborn, CBS TV, New York

This televised performance of "In The Sun" was still unavailable, until a VHS video appears on YouTube.

2008-06-20 - Emporium Galorium, Rouen

Many thanks to Thierry, a huge fan of JA, who filmed the entire concert in the vaulted cellar of the Galorium Emporium.
Joseph was very tired that night, he also wrote a poem about that day...


The soundboard for 5 dollars only !!!

Ruined in rouen
I thought I was ruined in rouen
But their love brought me back from the dead
Hang on to this ride
Fuck the moment
Live in the moment
Its better when dreams don't come true
They push you harder to be more than u though u could do
I thought I was ruined in rouen
But it all came to me there
The next dawn of inspiration
I gotta protect like a seed
Bury it some place deep
We drove all the way from london
And caught a ferry
We barely spoke a word
I was sinking on the ship but it floated the whole way across
We were stuck on the highway in france
And in that small vw with my stuff crammed in the back I got in all sorts of various positions in order to obtain that rare dignity called sleep
The crossed legs up on the dash with the neck pillow holding up a hanging head
I thought I was ruined on the way to rouen
When we arrived
The place was tiny and carved out of stone
I ducked into the small enclave basement where a claustrophobic stage was made for me to sing my song
Newspaper articles about my arrival hung on stone walls
The whole thing was really weird but nice and strange and wrong and right
I wrote a new song at soundcheck
Based on new inspiration
And when we goto the hotel
The keeper had my picture there too
He called me sid
He called me lou
I was late for the gig
And dying for a moment to find some dignity
This road life
Is no easy matter
But then what kinda life is?


2013-10-12 - Maison des Arts, Grand-Quevilly

Setlist :

blue lights on the rear view
i am the witness
akron skies
junkies & limousines
missy baba
i miss the zoo
out on a limb
"it's saturday night !"
black lexus

2013-10-12 Grand Quevilly


2013-10-02 - LiveMeDo, France Inter, Paris

Amazing live session & great interview by Valli on French Radio.
With Bill Dobrow on drums & Rene Lopez on bass.

Setlist :

Ballad of Boogie Christ
Saint Of Impossible Causes
I Miss The Zoo
King Of Cleveland
Black Flowers
I Used To Know How To Walk On Water

2013-10-02 LiveMeDo