2012-01-01 - City Winery, NYC

Beautiful audience recording by Gloco.


Russell Simmins: Percussion
Kraig Jarret Johnson: Guitar
Gillian Rivers: Viola

Tracklist :

01. Out on a limb
02. Gypsy faded
03. Almost blue
04. Your only job
05. Horses
06. Someone to love
07. The graduation ceremony
08. Black lexus
09. This is still my world
10. Cocaine feet
11. New Year’s Resolutions
12. Take me Home
13. I was late to the party (goofing around)
14. Enough to get away
15. I miss the zoo
16. A smile that explodes
17. Redemption Son
18. Speed of Light
19. In the sun
20. Travels as Equals
21. Honey and the moon
22. Faith

2012-01-01 city Winery

2011-11-18 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago

A great audience recording.

Thanks to det1967 for this.

Tracklist :

Out On A Limb
Gypsy Faded
Almost Blue
This Is Still My World
Redemption's Son
I Miss The Zoo
September Baby
Honey And The Moon
Someone To Love
Watch Our Shadows Run
In The Sun
We Stand As One
Love Never Asks You To Lie

2011-11-18 Chicago