2017 Gigography

Here is the list of concerts by Joseph Arthur in 2017.

Concerts in green are concerts with an existing recording.

If you own an audio / video recording of an "unavailable" concert, thank you kindly send me an email to whenyoucryyoureyesarehollow@gmail.com

2017-01-01 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2017-02-01 - One on One Session, Rebel Country, NYC
2017-02-02 The Delancey, New York, NY USA
2017-03-02 Lou Reed's 75th Birthday Celebration, Bowery Electric, New York, NY USA
2017-03-08 City Vineyard, New York, NY USA
2017-03-21 Gibson Guitar Showrooms, New York, NY, USA
2017-04-11 City Vineyard, New York, NY USA
2017-04-22 Live at Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2017-05-12 FUV Bash 2017, New York ,NY USA
2017-05-23 Apollo Theater, Harlem, NY USA
2017-06-08 Irish Arts Center, New York, NY, USA
2017-06-18 RS tour "dress rehearsal" / One-On-One, Berlin, New York USA
2017-06-19 WFUV, New York, NY USA
2017-06-20 92.5 The River / River Music Hall, Haverhill, MA USA
2017-06-20 Great Scott, Boston, MA USA
2017-06-21 Sellersville Theatre 1894, Sellersville, PA USA
2017-06-23 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2017-06-24 Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA USA
2017-06-26 Space, Evanston IL USA
2017-06-27 Turf Club, St Paul, MN USA
2017-06-29 Music Box, Cleveland OH USA
2017-07-01 The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI USA
2017-07-11 Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-07-12 Brick and Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA USA
2017-07-14 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR USA
2017-07-15 The Triple Door, Seattle, WA USA
2017-07-28 Radio WOMAD session, Malmesbury, UK
2017-07-28 WOMAD, Malmesbury UK
2017-07-29 The Borderline, London UK
2017-07-31 Humphrey's, San Diego, CA USA
2017-08-01 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2017-08-03 Vina Robles Amphitheatre, Paso Robles, CA USA
2017-08-04 The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA USA
2017-08-05 Grand Theatre - Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV USA
2017-08-10 Revolution Event Center, Boise, ID USA
2017-08-11 Fox Theater, Spokane, WA USA 
2017-08-14 The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT USA
2017-08-17 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO USA
2017-08-20 Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill Park, Flagstaff, AZ USA
2017-09-13 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-09-20 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-09-27 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-10-14 Todos Santos Inn, BCS Mexico

to be continued..


Lost Songs

last update : 2017-08-31

From the most recent to the oldest, here are all the "lost songs" Joseph sows on his official website, on social media or at concerts.

And sometimes, they find their way by appearing on studio albums.

Little Renegades
Cry Cry (Save Yourself)
Butterfly Knife
Comeback World
Goodnight Maybelline
Shake It Off
Miracle Ride
Walking in Kosovo 
Midnight Dirt 
People Were Dying 
Outside Your Window 

You can find the lyrics of these songs and information at lonelyastronauts.com

Some songs are missing :

"Outside Your Window" is a very rare song that appears to be exclusive to the Songs For the New Album CD. This song has yet to find its way onto traders lists and is therefore practically unavailable.

"People Were Dying" was performed at Hoboken on 15 July 2004. No recording known to exist.

"Midnight Dirt" is a song mentionned by JA on a 2008 video interview for mog.com. He played a little bit of it and showed the lyrics but there's still no known recording.

"Popcorn" is a spoken song that Joseph made up and played live for the first time at the Stronghold, Venice, CA on 2 April 2010.

"Walking In Kosovo" is a song played live with Kraig Jarret Johnson, Scott McCaughey (keys) & Linda Pitmon in Mexico on January 2013.


ECHOMAZE : 2017-08-30 Accidental Marathon

I Thought There’d Be More Rainbows
Trippy business

Coming to terms with certain things.

(In this day and age)

Trippy times indeed.

with a wink says the sage)

Seems like the world has done lost its mind.

Yet I won’t turn the page (or will I)

Or as this guy puts it.

The world is going from black and white into color.

(In my third eye)
Talking about having a message.
The spirit war is on.

It’s wild. It’s in full throttle.
I’m kind of ok with it.

What else can you be?

You have try to enjoy this life. Tho who are we trying to kid. This shit is rough and getting rougher.

Age of Aquarius

Is this what you are?

I thought there would be more rainbows.

And touch less bizarre.
Get my tone. I’m not sad.

I’m not even depressed.

A little mad.

A little stoned is all.
(Warning. Weed digression ahead)

My weed habit down to a few tokes from a clay pipe I bought off an Indian in Arizona.

I enjoy that my entire smoking regime, Is down to that. It’s a big accomplishment. Quitting Tobacco. Hardly effortless. Nicotine is another story. But no more vape. That’s amazing. No blunts. That’s too bad.

Blunts and spliffs are the hard things to give up. That tobacco weed mix. Some love it. Some hate it. Unfortunately I am of the former. But tobacco just can’t be let in a little. You can get away with sneaking one in an illusionary way. But the baccy is all or nothing. So it’s nothing.

And it’s my little clay pipe and few hits of weed at bedtime.
(End of weed digression, unfortunately heading into a drug digression)
Damn drugs

You took me on a fucked up ride.
Can’t believe I got all you all the way down to this.
This the new source of my pride.
Weed stopped being a gateway to the other bs once it became medicinal for cptsd.

But I think I’m largely thru that now. Which is why I don’t hit that shit all day.

Now I’d rather just run a few miles if I want day buzz.
Side note. (Aka exercise digression ahead)

I’m training for a marathon. Accidental marathon. It goes like this. Move to LA but don’t get a car. Just get some running shoes.

Today was a non running day but I still had to run five miles just to get something to eat.

Kinda genius no?

The other day I ran twelve miles. Never ran that far before. This pinched nerve is almost worked out and then I’m back to boxing with renewed zeal I suspect. Clearer lungs and marathon legs. Not bragging. Just scaring narcs and inspiring the good guys. )
Ok end of digression (think of them like road construction) or a writers secret weapon.
Back to narc land…
That’s right. It’s that overt at this point. This shit is getting all the way called out now in front of us. Shit is rapidly changing.

(The narc dynamic)
And I can try and stop writing this blog all I want but

If I’m gonna keep listening to these damn YouTube gurus well then I guess I’m gonna fuck up and write another blog post.
Because. I do have a message.

My blog I took down was four hundred plus pages. And I wrote that in just a couple months.

I’m gonna edit it and work on it. Write more. Make some YouTube clips. Be a voice for team non narc. Be a worker ant.
I love focusing on songs right now but I think it’s important for people who can be, to be open right now.

The world needs light.

And bravery.

The side of fear is….

Not winning but, too close for comfort.
And they got to me.

And they keep trying. But what happened is they actually encouraged me.

(Side note. About the way demons help spirit. If you choose spirit.

Because. They are too obvious with their intention. Once you wake up. Do overtly they try and shut you up that it just backs up the fact that of course you should not shut up. That your voice is actually powerful. That your spirit is worth fighting for. Why are they fighting for it? That’s a good question. Is the world just a game of capture the flag? And is your soul the flag?

It just may be. Maybe you should go on a run. Run with me. )

The removal of my previous blog isn’t me backing down. It’s me stepping up.

It’s me understanding that I really do have something to say hear and so I want to get it right. The way I say it.
Openness is light.
The way we pray for it.
I can turn my light on or off.
It’s clear that their are dark forces trying to break people down.
I’m thinking of Sinead

And that if she is being ostracized by her family she should get a new family.

The world is a complicated mess. If people make you feel less than or unwelcome. If people try to subvert you. Move along and dig into your dreams.

Understand that solitude is a gift and a beacon from whence you can fly. And if you make space. New family will arrive. New friends. Maybe people who can recognize you this time. It’s important to make the change and not believe in the messages people deliver thru their indifference.
(Weed digression recap)
Plus weed is best once a day. You can only really get high once a day.

I mean you can stay high. Or stay stoned but it’s a fun thing to save.
That was a stoned digression about being stoned.

That’s at least a little bit funny.
Except to the haters. The dark clouds. The predators.
(They discourage this kind of openness and have punished me for it. That didn’t work apparently. It fueled me. Remember flowers grow out of shit)
They are just reading for the purpose of digging up vulnerabilities to use as a weapon the way Indiana jones digs for gold skulls with snakes coming out of their eyes.
I don’t even really want to write about this shit anymore but it is facsinating this time and place in human play. The dynamics playing out.

Some people are predators.

(I don’t mean to the extent we all naturally are to survive)

I’m speaking of psychological predators.
Just like in the jungle. There are the hunters and the hunted.
What a slap it is to wake up to the fact that you have been the hunted. Even when you thought you were doing the hunting. (Sometimes)
What I want to say is just how trippy and kinda nightmare like it is to wake up to this dynamic and the way it’s increasingly playing out. (I thought this shit only happened in the movies?)
Like a swelling. The tension is mad right now.

It’s chaos going fast as lightning.
Age of Aquarius

I thought there’d be more rainbows.
Turns out the Age of Aquarius is gonna usher in with it some rough business.
The predators are restless.

Sloppy and obvious.
Or desperate I guess.
They should be.


ECHOMAZE : 2017-08-29 Balance In The Storm

First I want to say that I’m sending all my love and strength to my friends in Texas.

The journey over the last year and a half or so of finding out about NPD and how it operates has been the most difficult challenge of my adult life.

It’s kind of funny in some way for me to consider that I really didn’t know people consciously operated this way until quite recently.

Now that fact is so obvious and plain that I’m stunned by my previous ignorance.

The truth is tho I’m still really “in” the process of recovery and as with any form of big healing I think there are phases and seasons.
Recovering from this is tricky because the people who get victimized by it have a natural blindness to it. So therefore to recover they simply must inundate themselves with endless information on it.
When you wake up to the fact that many have been duping you, and for your whole life, and often the people you trusted and loved most, you naturally set about a course of educating yourself that is, let’s just say… robust.
That’s natural. That makes sense. That’s survival.

And plus you are compelled in ways that are hard to describe unless you’ve been there.

The study of this becomes a natural obsession.

That also makes sense. That is also survival.

A balance needs to come in.

A balance needs to be struck.
You have to be vigilant

But you don’t want to live in a state of hyper vigilance.
You reach burn out and stop studying this shit. Stop thinking about it. But a kind of blindness returns. A built in mechanism which is designed to make life a softer thing than it actually is. But the predators take advantage of this lowering of your guard. Or the cognitive dissonance returns. And so you have to remind yourself of all of it again.
It doesn’t have to become obsessive again. Just a little reminder. A refresher course if you will. (For me I check back in with the videos and it’s like… oh yeah this bullshit.)
Complicated too because this study leads you into areas of meditation and manifestation. In recovery from narc abuse. Meditation becomes your corner stone. As does working towards manifesting a better reality.
What you focus on increases. That’s a truism.

So how then do you remain guarded enough, focused enough on the predator kind, without increasing their involvement or placement in your life? Without manifesting them in over and over?

How do stay focused enough without manifesting more of what you don’t want ?

Those that get victimized have a special blindness. They simply must educate themselves and focus on these behaviors if they want any chance of steering clear in the future from toxic ones.
I guess that’s a problem anyone faces when trying to deal with something tricky they’d love to just eliminate.
I feel like I can hear some of you say it.

find a balance.

That’s what I’m doing. What I’m trying to do. (It’s not easy in this. But as with anything else, time will dictate the way)

Here’s where I’m at.
I need to take space and time to put into music and my next album,

I have to focus my energy in that direction right now which is a good thing because it’s happening on its own accord anyway.

But I feel the need to explain my sabbatical from this blog.

In the end I wanted to and want to contribute to helping people survive from emotional abuse. Survive and thrive.

I still intend to do much work in this regard but right now that work is going into the analog world of my music. In the meantime there is endless resources on YouTube

(Sidenote. I like this guys channel a bunch. Jerry Graves. Just discovered it. This is just a random one I picked but he’s got lots of great info on how to deal with npd abuse and abusers.https://youtu.be/hzSxU-heOaM check it out!)
which I will still be dedicating significant time on towards my own healing. Also I feel the passing of time will enable me to communicate on this subject in a more wholistic way.
For now I’m working on taking it easy.

Take it easy.

I’m letting time move and rediscovering the original love that saved me originally, before I knew what many humans were actually like. Before I knew that I found music to protect me and heal me. At least as much as it could.

And now music is doing that again. Only deeper and stronger this time.
Namaste warriors of the light.
And if you’re in Texas. I’m thinking of you! Hang on! Stay strong! And carry on! 


2009-12-30 - Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia

Setlist :

can't let you stay
all the old heroes
watch our shadows run
could we survive
redemption's son
birthday card
too much to hide
honey and the moon
black lexus


2008-09-03 - Liberation, Paris

Here is the complete acoustic session at Liberation (a french newspaper)

Setlist :

turn you on
look into the sky